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Welcome to Modern Digital Business—a podcast for corporate technology decision makers and executives looking to create or extend their digital business with the help of modern applications, processes, software architecture, and organizational modernization. Your host for Modern Digital Business is a recognized industry thought leader and author, Lee Atchison. Lee specializes in application modernization, cloud-native applications, architecture, and modern organizations. To learn more, visit mdb.fm. To subscribe to the podcast, visit mdb.fm/listen. To follow Lee and learn about his books, courses, and articles, visit mdb.fm/follow.

About the Host

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Lee Atchison

Thought Leader, Cloud Expert, Application Modernization Expert, Author at O'Reilly Media, LinkedIn Learning, and InfoWorld.

Lee Atchison is a recognized industry thought leader in cloud computing. He has committed his career to architecting and building high-scale, cloud-based, service-oriented SaaS applications. He has specific expertise in building highly available systems.

Lee is the author of the best-selling book Architecting For Scale, published by O’Reilly Media. The book, originally released in 2016, recently went through a major upgrade and was released as the second edition in 2020.

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